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User manager

The more you use the app, the more MyWay offers you a personalized experience

Trip organizer

MyWay composes your trip, interacting with specialized planner and checking the resource availability to find the best solution for you

Data provider

All the information you need for your mobility needs (timetables, parking availability) and a trip planner in just a single place

Service end-to-end

Powerful features are exposed by a fast OpenAPI, you don't need to take care of any particular configuration








Fully Multimodal Journey Planner:

All transport services and their combinations are considered when composing a trip suggestion. No transport mode and no combination is left out as long as it is convenient for the user.

Trip Organizer:

It discovers the best fully multimodal trips and books mobility services if needed. Takes into account personal user preferences and the current status of the transport system.

Integrated Booking:

Does your trip involve a taxi ride or another service that need to be pre-arranged? MyWay will help you with booking and it will eventually arrange it for you.

Real-time Information:

Trip suggestions are accompanied with real-time information about traffic and service status. No more unpleasant surprises with getting stuck in traffic or public transport being late.




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In order to evaluate the objectives of MyWay, different Living Labs have been implemented in the context of three European sites. There, MyWay is being trailed and evaluated by real users in order to improve this innovative app. If you live in one of the following sites, join us!



















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